Our Mission:

To know Christ, and make HIM known

What to expect at Journey

It can be difficult to walk into a new place. You wonder if you will fit in. It might be helpful to know that, when focus groups were held in the community, the strongest trait that Journey Church was known for was a welcoming spirit. The other two top traits were a strong focus on Bible teaching, and caring. We are eager to meet you and our prayer is that people seeking a place to make friends and learn more about God would find their way to Journey.

What are your services like?
We try to keep it very simple. No light shows or lasers. We make Jesus the focus. Participation is up to you. The worship time is designed to be accessible to you, whether you’ve spent your life in the church or have never been to a church service in your life. You will learn from the Bible, sing and reflect. The service at Journey tends to be a  blend of enjoying some upbeat songs, a joyful spirit and some opportunity for quiet reflection.

What do I wear?

The atmosphere at Journey is relaxed. No dress code. Just be you.

What about the kids?

When you arrive to take your child to their cool ministry area, you can count on your baby or preschooler being well cared for in our staffed nursery or childcare rooms. 

Once you have signed them in at the security desk, come back up to the main worship area to enjoy a hot beverage and some good conversation.

Elementary aged children go to their own space for a multi-faceted program designed just for them as they play, interact, learn and laugh.

Why take Communion every week?

The Lord's Supper is served every week because we are a forgetful people.  We need to be reminded of all that Christ has done for us.  Communion is a reminder of our common need for redemption and God's faithfulness to provide.  All followers of Christ are welcome to take the bread and the cup and partake after a time of meditation and self-examination.

1 Corinthians 11:23-29