Serving the Community.

At Journey, you will have a variety of opportunities to make an impact on the lives of children, teens and adults in the North Fulton community and beyond. 

The heartbeat of Journey Church is to be externally focused, as we believe that is what Christ has called us to do. For further information on how outreach can affect your surrounding community, check out this great article from Compassion International. 

Here are just a few of the community outreach groups we partner with:

Journey Roswell Local Mission Partners

  • Hope Roswell

    …a group of local churches working together, and partnering with non-profit organizations, to address the needs of low-income residents and other community issues.

    Some examples are:

    • Day of Hope
    • Apartment Ministry
    • Annual sports camp at Mimosa Elementary
    • Foster Care
    Find out more at
  • North fulton Community charities

    …provides emergency assistance and enrichment programs for North Fulton families in need through services like:

    • Food pantry
    • Thrift Shop
    • Financial assistance for emergency expenses  
    • Website:
  • Homestretch

    …helping homeless families get back on their feet and into permanent, sustainable housing.

  • Emory University's campus ministry: Bread

    Journey partners with this valuable ministry located adjacent to the Emory University campus as they connect with students in this important time of life.

    Every Tuesday, a group from Emory Christian Campus Fellowship serves local refugees by volunteering with a children’s after-school program to help them with their English.

    Bread’s main event is every Thursday night when students come to enjoy live music, friendship and stories about Jesus.

    Learn more at

  • Woodland Christian Camp

    With programs geared toward youth and adults, this organized camping center in Temple, Georgia touches thousands of lives throughout the year.

  • Christian city

    Recognized as one of the leaders in the south for providing care for all age individuals, from senior care to the orphaned and foster children who live there for a few months to many years, Christian City (Union City) serves hundreds of people.

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